Florida Snapshot

With a growing and diversified economy and a large and rising population, Florida is becoming an economic powerhouse. Key Florida metrics include:

  • 4th largest state by population
  • Economy is 4th largest in the country (20th largest in world)
  • Rated 2nd most business friendly state in the US (Bloomberg)
  • 4th highest number of residents with post-secondary education
  • Economy is diversified economy (financial services, construction, manufacturing, transportation, health, hospitality)
  • International trade hub (40% of all Central & South American trade passes through Florida)
  • Largest tourist destination in world (95 million visitors in 2013)
  • 7th largest exporter of goods manufactured in-state
  • Eleven professional sports teams in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville & Tampa
  • More than $158 billion in annual merchandise trade (WISER) and $800 billion in state GDP (4th largest in in the US)
  • More than $815 billion in personal income, #1 in the Southeast (BEA)
  • 9.4M civilian labour force (Bureau of Labour Statistics)